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Watch . Discover . Learn

I feature in Julian Clary's 'Nature Nuts' series

My latest updates

Find out more about my patch, its wildlife, cameras and what I do to maximise the species that visit.

Watch a variety of live cameras from my garden. From feeders to nest boxes, there is always something exciting to see!

Find out more about Yew View,  a 7 acre site in rural Worcestershire, that I manage for wildlife.

As an experienced primary teacher, I undertake many projects in schools encouraging contact with, and a love of, natural history.

WildlifeKate Recent Highlights.....

I guide on 'Ultimate Shetland' week with Shetland Wildlife in June 2016

My appearance on BBC Springwatch 2015


Rutland Water 2015

Different live cameras can be accessed via the Live Cameras link, below.

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Live Cameras

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I am the UK Bushnell Ambassador and use Bushnell trail cams extensively in the work I undertake monitoring wildlife.

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A Tawny Owl  nests in one of my nest boxes  Feb 2016


I film with Ellie Harrison for BBC Countryfile March 2016

Finalist & Highly Commended in the UK Blog Awards April 2016

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Filming otters with Midlands Today

August 2016

I open the WWF Wildlife Garden in Woking

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2018/19 Camera Footage Highlights

Screen Shot 2017-04-01 at 20.54.52
Ribbon Cutting at WWF-UK Garden at The living Planet Centre Woking 001 Screen Shot 2017-07-03 at 21.47.07 Screen Shot 2017-08-23 at 16.13.53 Autumnwatch DZCxS1OWkAA1JJu
Male kestrel pulling at twigs 15th March_00002
Tawny Close up Cam2 Dec 2018_00000

My appearance on Ch 5's 'Animals after Dark' 2018

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In the light of the current situation, I have created a new website, with my live cameras and a rangle of nature-based activities for all..... please log on and join me on some of the challenges! Perfect for home time.....