Yew View Tawny Cam

Since 2018, a pair of tawny owls, called Strix and Aluco (Strix aluco is the Latin name of the tawny owl) has nested in a purpose built nest box in the garden at Yew View. I have installed a series of cameras, that have improved over the years, to document their story. I currently have three Hikvision cameras at this nest box; 2 inside and one outside.


Every year, apart from last year, they have raised a family here. In 2020, she laid, but abandoned the eggs. We had a lot of flooding at the time and we think this may have affected her ability to hunt.

2021 has been first year we have been able to live stream, thanks to a high speed broadband installation on site. It has been a great season with our tawny owlet, Nyx, fledging successfully. We will continue to live stream the platform of this camera as they return sometimes to feed and sit here.

There is no audio on these cameras

Tawny Timeline

Nov22_Two tawnies on platform_converted_

January 2021

Visits to the box increase. Female (Aluco) starts spending time inside the box during the day

20th February 2021

1st egg laid, This is earlier than in previous years.

22nd February 2021

2nd Egg laid. This egg had a dent and later broke

25th February 2021

3rd egg laid. Aluco is now incubating two eggs, due to hatch towards the end of March.

26th March 2021

1st egg hatched!

The 2nd egg was broken and the 3rd did not hatch

May 2021

1 owlet successfully branched

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Behind the Scenes

This current nest box was purpose built for the site. I designed it and my carpenter friend, Dave Harper,  helped to build it. It has a 50cm square base and is a deep box, to ensure the owlets do not leave the box before they are ready to go. The large 'veranda' area is edged with branches for easy grip and this area provides excellent footage as the adults often interact there. When the owlets leave, this platform provides a safe vantage point before they branch out into the surrounding trees.

External camera:  Hikvision HD Bullet

Internal Cam 1: Hikvision Dome

Internal cam 2: Hikvision Mini dome 

Internal sensored lights (on in day and off at night)