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Nyx update from Yew View!

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

It seems some time ago now that our beautiful owlet, Nyx, left the nest box at Yew View.

Pretty quickly, a stock dove thought it would be a good place to nest and laid two eggs. Every night, Aluco would return and there would be a scary stand-off with Aluco outside wanting to come in and the stock dove on eggs inside. I was amazed that she persevered so long, before finally deciding to abandon the eggs. If she hadn't, I think she would have become lunch for Aluco and Nyx.

What has been fabulous over the last few weeks is that both Aluco and Nyx have been regularly using the platform. Aluco seems to like to come and sit there around 9pm and, as I type, she is there, watching the world go by!

Nyx often returns to pick up a snack that Aluco has deposited on this platform. It is also a good place to perch when food is delivered. Looking through all the recorded footage from the site, I have processed and uploaded a selection of clips, showing how wonderful Nyx is now looking. There is a lot of food around on site and it is wonderful to be able to continue to see her grow and develop.

I simply love watching Aluco when she returns in daylight. The summer evenings are producing some lovely light and, perched here, she really is the most amazing looking bird!

Occasionally, I have captured a clip of both of them... what a treat!

I love these clips! I remember a lovely one of Nyx inside the box, trying to pick things up with her feet. She is more dextrous now and I love seeing how she is learning to hold and manipulate things, as she will need these skills when she hunts for herself......

The platform has proven to be an excellent place to eat....

By May 28th, Nyx's adult plumage is really starting to develop around her face and her back. He still has a lot of her fluffy down though.

We don't often see the male, Strix, here at the box. He prefers Owl Mansion at the other end of the garden and I lifted these clips from there. He often stashes food in this box.

Here, Strix appears to have caught a mole!

I really hope this little family stay around for a couple more months to allow us to further follow their lives.... and pop into the live tawny box cam about 9pm.... you may spot Aluco


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