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Dyfi Ospreys

"The Dyfi Osprey Project has made Cors Dyfi Nature Reserve its home since 2009. Each year we learn more about these incredible birds and help to further the recovery of the Welsh osprey population. Over the years they have brought us joy and tears, sometimes at the same time!"

Montgomeryshire Wildlife Trust

I'm delighted to have permission to share a stunning camera; a special one in Wales... thank you to the Dyfi Osprey Project who have allowed me to live stream their camera on my website alongside my other cameras. This project is based at the impressive Dyfi Wildlife Centre and reserve.

Their resident breeding pair, Telyn and Idris have arrived back at the platform, so fingers crossed for some fabulous views of this pair and their breeding season.

  • 🦅 25th MARCH: TELYN arrives home 19:29

  • 🦅 30th MARCH: IDRIS arrives home 09:49

Cors Dyfi is a wonderful nature reserve that is teeming with wildlife. Over the last few hundred years it has seen many changes, from estuarine salt marsh to reclaimed grazing, then to conifer plantation and more recently into a wildlife-rich wetland reserve. The reserve is a healthy mixture of bog, swamp, wet woodland and scrub supporting a plethora of animals and plants. Including the magnificent osprey, which bred on the reserve for the first time in 2011. If you are lucky you may also spot an otter or dormouse.

Our Dyfi Osprey Project website is packed with information on the ospreys and the nature reserve they call home: click here.

The ospreys are typically around from April to September. Spring and summer are also the best times to see common lizards, grasshopper, reed & sedge warblers, yellow flag iris and four-spotted chaser dragonflies. The winter brings a host of small birds to the feeders as well as barnacle geese and hen harriers to the wider reserve. During the winter you may even glimpse the elusive bittern in the reed beds. Year round there are regularly otter and red kites on the reserve.

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