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Ealing peregring peregrinege

Ealing Peregrine Cam

Welcome to the Ealing Hospital Peregrines live! We now have a permanent live stream of Dusty and Freddie and their nesting activity to watch as they raise their chicks in real time! See what they were up to last year, learn about their story and see their adorable chicks from ringing to fledging, check out our previous video


**There are a few content warnings for this live stream** Peregrines bring back prey for the chicks, tear it apart and feed it to them, and this can be a bit graphic. Sometimes the prey is still alive when they start plucking it. If you think you might find this distressing, maybe don't watch the feedings. This is natural behaviour for birds of prey but even seasoned naturalists can find it a bit much sometimes. The second thing is we have adopted a non-interference policy. What this means is, that aside from ringing the chicks, we are strictly observing only. Nature isn't always kind and sometimes baby chicks die. If this is really going to upset you then you may want to give this live stream a miss. Obviously, we hope that everything goes well but we want everyone to be prepared if it doesn't and to understand that we will not be interfering to rescue the chicks. We need to let nature do its thing to produce the healthiest and most capable birds for the future. (The only exception to this is rescuing the parents and fledglings from man-made dangers like pigeon netting which is not part of a natural setting.) To learn more about Ealing Wildlife Group, the Peregrines, and our other projects like Harvest Mice, Hedgehogs and Beavers, visit our website at or join our Facebook Group at


Big thanks to Jason from Wildlife Windows Ltd ( for their expertise in installing the live camera feed and Ealing Council for sponsoring this initiative as part of their Biodiversity Action Plan (BAP) objectives, engaging local communities with our local wildlife and green spaces.

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