Yew View Badgers

As featured on BBC Springwatch 2022


 In 2015, I had a grand dream... to build an artificial badger sett, in which I would put cameras.  We knew we had badgers in another old artificial sett on the grounds of Yew View, so I started planning! With help from Jason Fathers from Wildlife Windows, we created a two chamber sett, using sleepers and drainage pipes. I designed a system to mount the cameras so I could easily remove them for cleaning and maintenance.  It took us several days, after the land had been cleared. It was a big project, with no guarantee of success... but I like to dream big! In 2021, we had some cubs born, but  sadly they were killed after jut a couple of days, by a passing male. In 2022, I changed one of the cameras for a new PTZ cam, meaning I could move it around, zoom and focus . Before I had a chance to replace the other camera, a female moved in. We call her Peggy. We recognise her by her torn ear.  

On Feb 14th,  she gave birth to cubs in the chamber, in front of the new camera. It was a dream come true and I could not quite believe what I was watching. I have been told that no one has filmed a wild badger give birth before so this is pretty special! We have called the cubs Romeo and Valentine due to their birthday!

I will be uploading some footage here on this page. It is planned that this story will be featured on a couple of TV programmes. I will not release everything as of yet, until these are aired. At that point, I will upload all the best bits! I am hoping that my footage will help fill in some of the gaps in our knowledge of this secret lives of badgers and how they raise their cubs underground.

I delighted to say that BBC Springwatch are telling the story of our YewView badgers on the show. I filmed with the crew on site and I can't wait for more of my this wonderful story to be shown to a wider audience.... you will fall in love with Romeo and Valentine!


Yew View Badger Feeding Station

We put out peanuts and fruit and sometimes eggs at this feeding station in the garden at Yew View. The badgers, foxes and even muntjac visit as soon as it starts to get dark

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Axis P3364 Badger Chamber 1  2018-03-29 22-41-12.963.jpg
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Badger Cubs in our Sett

More videos coming soon!

Behind the Scenes: Building the YewView Badger Sett