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Gwyllt Hollow - Field Nest Box

This nest box is from Green Feathers. It is a larger than average box, giving me the height I needed to mounted a Birdsy camera in the roof space. Last year, great tits nested in this box, with this set-up.


This year, I have mounted in my new garden in Wales. It is on the edge of my land, facing out into a field. I have lined it with mossy bark for a more realistic look and feel. It will be interesting to see who takes to it!


Box installed April 5th 2024

A blue tit laid 4 eggs in this box, only one of which hatched. The chick did well for nearly 2 weeks, then sadly died suddenly during the night of the 15th June. 


In 2023, great tits raised a family in here, in my Lichfield garden.

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