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Big Garden Birdwatch 2024

Every year, I take part in the RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch and, this year, it is particularly exciting being in my new location! With cameras all over the garden, I am pretty much aware of all the bird visitors I get. The cameras live stream to monitors in my office so I literally have eyes on the feeding stations in all parts of the garden.

For the last few years, the RSPB have had a live stream throughout the weekend, as part of the event and have used some of my cameras. This year was no exception, so I was able to share my bird visitors with a new audience, some of whom I hope will find their way to my website to continue watching.

Just about all my expected visitors turned up.... and one special visitor! Some weeks ago, a female bullfinch turned up at the pool pond for a drink. I hear them a lot on my walk in the woods near my garden and had seen them in the trees here, but not at the feeders or on any of the cameras. Amazingly, as the cameras were live streaming for the RSPB, a stunning male appeared on the top feeders! These birds are truly gorgeous and I am delighted they have discovered my feeding stations. This male appeared at two feeding stations and popped in for a drink on 4 occasions, including today.

I created a couple of little montages, showing some of the footage this weekend.....

I submitted my count and I feel it is a true representative of what I generally see here. It is the highest bird count I have ever recorded from my previous home, but that's to be expected, moving to this lovely rural property!

It was also interesting to see how the robin reacted to the male bullfinch being around. They are very territorial at this time of year and are particularly triggered by red..... I know the bullfinch is not quite the same red as the robin, but the robin made it clear that it was not welcome!

I hope that this, my first Big Garden Birdwatch is an indication of fabulous bird sightings to come in the future. With 21 species recorded, I am pretty chuffed with that!

You can see the RSPB YouTube recordings from the links below. There are some fabulous feeding stations featured, especially Wesley's with such a beautiful selection of birds, including siskin, redpoll, brambling and bullfinch! Wow!


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