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Creating a Foraged Fence

I want to enclose my Grow Bank, not only to define the area, but also to prevent rabbits from coming in. Luckily, there aren't many on site, especially with Wren and Teasel around now. With funds rather scarce, I wanted to use what is on site and nearby that I could forage.

I started collecting materials. There are loads of sticks and fallen limbs and I decided to use these to create a foraged fence. There are some rolls of chicken wire here. So this will run along the inside of the fence.

After collecting loads of fairly straight sticks if varying lengths and widths, I simply started l sawing them and screwing then to the horizontals that I attached to the posts. It wasn't too long before it started to take shape! It is easy to do and, although a very rustic look, I really like it!

I am pretty pleased with the results. I will now use some chicken wire to run along the inside as there is a large roll here already. Hopefully, it will keep tender new plants safe from any rabbits who may want to take advantage in the Spring!


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