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April 16_Blue tit wing fluttering2_00001.jpg

Gwyllt Hollow - Upper Quarry Blue Tits

I built this nest box, mounting a PTZ camera and lighting inside. I chose a tree at the top of a quarry part of my property. There is a small wooded area and the box is mounted a few metres from the ground. Initially, nuthatches bought bark in and I was excited to think they would nest here. They then changed their mind and the blue tits removed all the bark, before starting bring moss in. I hop you enjoy following their journey as they nest and raise a family here at Gwyllt Hollow.

This female is currently incubating 6 eggs, due to hatch around the 18th May.

Updates from the Sitting Room Nest Box

Updates from the - Upper Quarry Blue Tits

Coming soon!

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