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A Big Garden Birdwatch appearance on BBC Midlands Today

I was delighted to welcome David Gregory-Kumar, the Science correspondent for BBC Midlands Today, back to my garden this week. David and I have filmed a few posts together over the last few years, both in my garden and at Yew View.

We were both keen to promote this weekend’s RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch. David and Nigel (the cameraman) came for the afternoon and we filmed my feeders and talked about different foods and ways of feeding the birds. The wildlife performed pretty well and we were able to watch a variety of species on my cameras. As David was about to do his piece to camera, the long-tailed tits arrived and he even managed to film them on his phone!


The piece went out on Today’s Midlands Today programme.

David also added this little info video onto their Facebook page…

The Big Garden Birdwatch is this weekend and you can download the recording sheets and find out more about HERE

If you don’t have somewhere to watch birds, there is plenty of activity to watch on my feeders and you can watch them live on my website at

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