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Big Garden Birdwatch 2022

It's been a very busy month and I just can't believe that we have reached the end of January already and Big Garden Birdwatch time!

I started the watch with a piece for BBC Midlands Today. The Science Correspondent, David Gregory-Kumar visited with Matt, the cameraman and we filmed a little piece to go out to advertise the weekend's event.

This year I was was approached by the RSPB to be part of their ambitious #BigGardenBirdwatchLive; a series of live cameras from around the country, showcasing the wonderful world of watching birds in your garden. They would live stream an hour a day leading up to this weekend. This has been a wonderful way of advertising the event and to help excite and educate.

I was delighted to help out, allowing them to use some of my cameras in the weeks leading up to the event and then throughout the weekend on their 9-3pm live streams on Facebook and YouTube. My crate feeder at YewView and the Farmland feeder along with two feeder cams in my garden have been shared throughout the week.

This weekend, I was asked to be a live guest on the RSPB live stream. I offered to do the interview in my garden, but it was decided that I would do it from my office; the hub of the WildlifeKate camera streams!

All of these live programmes have been aired on the RSPB YouTube account and mine appeared on Chris Packham's platform on Saturday afternoon, along with the feeder in his garden.

The essentials for Big Garden Birdwatch are always a cup of tea.... and cake of course so I made a special one for the event!

I am lucky enough to be able to watch just about all of my garden with my cameras, but nothing beats actually getting outside with my binoculars! Saturday was very wild and windy and the garden was quieter than usual. Today was much better as the weather was calm, chilly and sunny. The bird feeders were much busier and it was good to see most of the regulars.

I chose an hour that best represented my usual visitors. Sadly the blackcap and the recent redpoll did not appear, but 20 species is pretty good. I entered the results on the RSPB website and look forward to hearing about the results from this year's Big Garden Birdwatch.

What a weekend!


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