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What we do.

I feature in Julian Clary's 'Nature Nuts' series

My latest updates

Find out more about my patch, its wildlife, cameras and what I do to maximise the species that visit.

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Watch a variety of live cameras from my garden. From feeders to nest boxes, there is always something exciting to see!

Find out more about Yew View,  a 7 acre site in rural Worcestershire, that I manage for wildlife.

As an experienced primary teacher, I undertake many projects in schools encouraging contact with, and a love of, natural history.

WildlifeKate Recent Highlights.....

I guide on 'Ultimate Shetland' week with Shetland Wildlife in June 2016

My appearance on BBC Springwatch 2015


Rutland Water 2015

My cameras are currently on a  feeding stations.


Separate cameras can be accessed via the Live Cameras link, below.

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Live Cameras

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I am the UK Bushnell Ambassador and use Bushnell trail cams extensively in the work I undertake monitoring wildlife.

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MPA Biodiversity

Awards 2015

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A Tawny Owl  nests in one of my nest boxes  Feb 2016


I film with Ellie Harrison for BBC Countryfile March 2016

Finalist & Highly Commended in the UK Blog Awards April 2016

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Filming otters with Midlands Today

August 2016

I open the WWF Wildlife Garden in Woking

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2017 Camera Latest Updates

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Ribbon Cutting at WWF-UK Garden at The living Planet Centre Woking 001
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