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WidlifeKake Treats

I often bake cakes and as I was baking one for some friends coming to visit tomorrow, I thought I would also bake a WildlifeKate WildlifeKake! They have come out looking rather like little rock cakes, but I am sure they will be well received on the bird table tomorrow…

I decided not to put the sugar in, but make a basic sponge-type mixture using 1 egg, 2 tablespoons of self raising flour and 2 oz of marg. Also, I had raisins, oats, chopped apple and a mixed collections of seeds and mealworms.

I placed the egg, flour and marg in a bowl and then whisked it up…

Then, one at a time, I added all the other ingredients and whisked them in….

The final mixture actually looked surprisingly tasty!!

I decided to make quite big individual cakes, so used some large muffin cases I had….

 I then put them in the oven, at about 160 degrees for about 20 minutes. I very nearly licked the whisk (common practice in my household)… but the dangling mealworm suddenly reminded me this was not m average cake mixture! Phew… a very close shave!

They did not rise as much as I had hoped, but smelt surprisingly good when I got them out of the oven. ….

I gently teased one apart to reveal the delicious sponge, tantilisingly interspersed with tender mealworms, juicy raisins and a medley of seeds…..

I will put some of these out on the hedgecam table tomorrow and we’ll see how well they go down… might put some in clay cavern aswell. Watch out for it on my live cams…. 


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