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My Feeding Platform gets an Autumn Upgrade

I have been experimenting with my garden feeding platform. My neighbour grew some really beautiful ornamental gourds this year and my neighbour and I bought a selection... I then inherited hers and have become a little obsessed with them! I absolutely love natural forms and these are so beautiful, I wanted to incorporate them into my feeding platforms somehow.

Along with some leaves and the clematis that I've trained around the feeding platform, I started to create a scene that I thought would look pleasing on the live camera.

With the light fading quickly now, I thought about how I might light the scene, initially to add a bit of punch at daytime. As a temporary measure, I put a spare angle-poise lamp in y wildlife hub and shone it out of the window onto the platform. The warm coloured bulb seemed to enhance the Autumn colours and it worked surprisingly well at night! With rats and wood mice, plus the occasional vole visiting, it gives us a chance to watch these animals in colour, rather than in black and white under the IR.

I am going to be experimenting more with this set-up over the coming months. You can watch the comings and goings, live, on my website. Let me know if you see anything exciting!


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