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A New Feeding Platform in my Patch!

After building several feeding platforms at different locations, I thought it was about time I built one for myself and my cameras! I had constructed this platform a few months ago, out of materials I had hoarded in my garage. In order to locate it to where I wanted it, I had to dismantle the whole thing and move it in bits, before reconstructing it. I have a building called my ‘hub’ up my garden. It is a shed I designed for a show I exhibited in and it has a living roof, some large viewing windows, hide windows and I use it for all my wildlife paraphernalia!

I reconstructed it just outside here as I get lots of birds visiting to this area.

It took an hour or so to get it in position, stable and to add some logs and branches to make it look good on camera. I then installed my Birdsy camera there, as well as the Hikvision bullet camera that I use for one of my live stream cameras. I added a perspex roof to allow light to the platform and protect it a little from the rain. I also added a perch in front of the table as the birds like to alight on a perch before coming on the table.

After about another hour of fiddling with camera position and the feeders, I was happy with the views. The birds were already coming on it before I had even finished it and I am really pleased with the camera image and the footage I am getting. I fear the squirrels will take over quite soon, but hopefully well stocked squirrel feeders in the garden will keep them away a little! Here are a few clips captured today…

You can see this camera on the front page of my website at


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