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Unexpected Visitor to my barn Owl Box!

I was sitting at my desk tonight, working, when a movement caught my eye…a tawny owl had just appeared in my Barn Owl Box! The squirrels have been using it for the last month or so, but were not in there tonight… or that could have been interesting! I have not heard the tawnies calling for ages, so I am surprised to see this one. The high winds and rain of the last month have taken the cameras out on my 2 other tawny boxes, so I must see if I can get those boxes working again over the weekend if these guys are on the look out for a nesting place!

This individual called and then tested the substrate in this box; leaves and debris brought in by the squirrels! Unfortunately, the sound is not set up in this box at the moment. I will keep an eye out for more action in the coming weeks.

Tawny in Barn owl box 15th  Jan_00005


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