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Build a Dog Crate Feeding Station!

Many of us battle with keeping pigeons and squirrels off of out feeders and it is a question I am asked all the time... what do I do to allow the smaller birds to feed and to protect my expensive sunflower hearts from being swallowed up in a matter of minutes!

Since the squirrels have discovered that WildlifeKate has moved in, I have ended up only really using squirrel proof feeders and my favourites are the Squirrel Buster range.

There is another way though and that is to use a dog crate! These are easy to get hold of second hand and many of us may have one in the garage from when our pets were mall. They offer a perfect sanctuary for the smaller birds, who can squeeze through the gaps, but bigger species are unable to gain access.

Check out my latest YouTube video, where I show how I have created my latest one, which will be live streaming on my website soon!


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