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Silver Trees Fallow Fawns

When I lived in Lichfield, I spent many happy hours in and around Cannock Chase and, in particular, at Silver Trees Holiday Park. Close friend, Rob Winstanley has a van there and we have undertaken many projects today, over the years.

One of my most favourite shared projects always happened around June, when the fallow does that roam wild in the park, give birth to their fawns. They like to give birth, hidden in the protective coverage of the bracken. Deep in this leafy jungle, the fawns lay hidden, with the females returning to feed them. They are rarely seen out in the open at this very young stage.

Many years ago, Rob and I started setting trail cams in the bracken areas, to try to capture early views of these tiny fawns. Keeping some glades free of bracken, we were able to capture some truly lovely clips in one location in particular.

In May, Rob told me he had cleared our favourite area and mounted the trail camera on the tree that we always use. A few weeks ago, he sent me the clips ... and they are beautiful!

Thank you, Rob, for clearing the area, setting the trail cam and collecting the clips for me. It was worth the effort as, once again, we have captured some beautiful moments of this special time that is usually hidden from view.


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