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Polecat or Polecat Ferret?

Every now and then I capture something surprising on my cameras! Last night, I was working at my desk and I suddenly noticed something appear very briefly on my Fox cam. It was a fleeting glimpse. Luckily, I have iCatcher running on all my cameras, which means they are recording. I can play back the footage. I did this straight away and was amazed to capture this clip!

It is very difficult to tell whether this is a polecat or a cross between a polecat and a ferret. The IR burns out his face as he turns, so it is impossible to see if there is a mask… this is the characteristic face markings of the polecat.


This predator may account for the apparent drop in rat numbers in my garden….. so I would quite welcome this hunter to keep numbers at bay. I will be placing a series of Bushnells around the area to see if I can capture some more clips.


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