Norfolk Delights

When friend and fellow photographer asked me if I would like to join him and his dad on a mini break to the north Norfolk coast, I was delighted. Having spent very little time with my camera over the last year, it seemed the perfect opportunity to combine a break with my camera and some expert help and guidance in the form of Pete, whose photos continue to inspire me. If you are not familiar with Pete’s work, then take a look at his Flickr account HERE.

Staying in Wells, we were perfectly positioned for the wonders of the north Norfolk coast, a Mecca for birds, especially waders. Living in the land-locked Midlands, I rarely get to see waders and my wader ID skills are seriously lacking! Perhaps three days of photographing them and looking closely at them would help me somewhat! Also to help me was the kind loan, by my dad, of his 300mm 2.8 lens and. combined with my 1.4 converter, it is a cracking combination. 

I left home early on Wednesday morning and after a long drive, arrived in Wells and after a quick cuppa, we were off down to Titchwell. The weather was surprisingly good, if not a bit on the windy side and we headed along the path down toward the beach. Stopping at a pool  close to the path, I had the first chance to brush up on my wader ID. At this time of the year, they are even harder to recognise as they lose their more colourful summer plumage and moult into their winter plumage.

I clambered down a grassy bank to try to get as close as possible and to get at a lower angle….