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Norfolk barn owl encounters

My main wish from my Norfolk holiday was to see barn owls….. and Norfolk did not disappoint! Not only was there one in the field opposite the house, but we visited a couple of different areas and were able to see them there too.

My first sighting at the farm in Colkirk, where we were staying were distant to say the least…. but I was just happy to sit and watch through my binoculars!

Yes, I know it is really far away…….!!!

Whilst looking and waiting for barn owls, we were also able to watch a family of three little owls, who also appeared in the fields by the farm just as the sun was dropping.

The best experience was at a classic barn owl hunting field of rough grassland. We had arrived quite early and I had only just got my camera out and rested it on a beanbag on a gate. Suddenly a barn owl appeared and flew right towards us! I went into panic mode, I was so excited. Heart pounding and hands shaking, I took a couple of shots, and this was the best one. It is certainly my best shot so far of a barn owl…… I only have about ten shots! I’ll use this as a benchmark for improvement! Still makes me smile whenever I look at it. The feeling I had when this owl appeared and flew straight towards me is something I will never forget.

This owl continued to fly right in front of us…. turn, looking at us, rise into the air and drop to the ground. I had the perfect opportunity to fire off a load of shots as it rose with a huge vole in its talons, but all I managed to achieve was this….. oh well, never mind.

We all live and learn and as this owl disappeared into the fading light, I just wanted to rewind, set myself up properly and have another go. I know I could have done a better job second time around.

I just want to see more of these amazing birds and I cannot believe that there are not some near me. I have already got a tawny box which I am about to put up and I am going to get a barn owl box also. Spoke to a neighbour who owns a farm about a mile and a half down the lane from me. She said she saw one a couple of months ago about a mile from me…..!!!!! Fingers crossed, maybe with a suitable nesting site, I could encourage them back to my area…. how cool would that be??!!!


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