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New projects

A bit quiet on the blog the last few days…. been busy with some photoshoots that are funding my new lens. I have decided to purchase a Sigma 150-500mm lens to further aid my quest for that perfect picture of Fern! I will be posting my few attempts as soon as I can. I have located a new blackbird nest and will be attempting to set up a camera on it as soon as possible.  My mouse cam is going well and I also want to set my camera up in front of that and fire it with the remote to get a picture of the mouse peeping out! I am also working with a colleague to sort out some proper live streaming of my cameras.

 I have not given up hope that something might nest in my other three nestboxes, especially as I saw a great tit collecting nesting materials today. I also spent a little while searching along the rough stone wall that borders my house… wrens have nesting in there in the past, but I could not find anything unfortunately. Hopefully over the next couple of days, I will have a blackbird nest to follow as I am still mourning the loss of my blue tits! I got too used to watching them every day.

Also I am stuck to the TV from 8pm…. Springwatch is brill!


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