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New pond cam

It has been a beautiful day here today and I have tried to keep busy to distract my mind from my fox camera issues… it has affected me much more than I had thought possible… but I have some ideas about a new location… I just need to purchase some additional cable to get it sorted.

The frogs have been busy in the pond and the piles of spawn are growing by the hour. I had a go at setting up another camera today. The previous waterproof one I had would not focus up close, so I am now using a nest box camera, but I had to sink it into its own little aquarium to keep it dry. I experimented with it on top of the water, underneath and half and half. I liked the idea of being able to see above and below the water, but the meniscus on the outside of the little tank meant a blur in the middle of camera view. I did have it live for a bit and changed it to a below water view… did get some good views of the spawn and frogs under water, which was pretty good.  I’ll have another play around tomorrow with this camera to see how I can achieve the best views.

Here are a couple of shots of the set up…… very technical , as you can see!!!!…. the frogs were interested in what was going on though!

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