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New mealworm cam now online!

I spotted this new little mealworm feeder in Wilkinsons this week and at £6, I thought it was quite good value. It is pretty sturdy and well made and I was pretty impressed. Its design should make it ideal both for mealworms and suet pellets and the lid can be adjusted to deter larger species. It has a screw thread in the base so it could be screwed onto a post and also a hanging hook. I decided to mount it on a fence though, as with a camera inside, it swung around too much when hanging…. and made you feel rather seasick watching it!

The mesh provided a place to screw a small bracket and I adjusted the cam so it was focused on the far edge. Mounting it against the fence also means that the birds are encouraged to land on the edge that is covered by the cam. This works really well as the cam is protected under the plastic lid so it won’t get wet. I usually have to fashion a little roof out of a plastic pot to keep my other cams dry.

I have mounted this feeder on the fence just below the log feeder cam (you can see it in the background on one of the photos). I am sure it will be popular and should get some good images… especially when the robin discovers it! This cam will be live on my website, so check it out… so far, I have only seen a great tit use it… won’t be long I’m sure before the other birds discover it.

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