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Nest building activity

The blue tits in the oak tree nest box seem to have satrted collecting nest building materials more seriously today…. although they seem to have removed it as fast as they have bought it in! One would come in with something and then the other one would remove it. One did not seem to like the moss and as fast as it was bought in, the other one took it out again. There is quite a lot of long strands of grass and hay and then one of them often lay on the floor and fluttered its wings, moving the materials to the edge… I presume this is how the sides of the nest begin to build up. I put the main camera on this today, so don’t know how much activity I have had in the other boxes today. It is a shame that you can’t tell which is the male and which is the female as I wondered if each has a different role. I also wondered if a male, for example, was bringing in moss and the female was removing it?? Here are a few shots from today’s activity.


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