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More Publicity for my Snack Bar & Christmas Mammal Box on BBC Midlands Today & Radio WM

It has been a pretty amazing and busy week, after my Bird Snack Bar appeared in National Press! On Tuesday, The team from Midlands Today were waiting on my drive when I got home from work and  they set up in my garden. The lovely David Gregory Kumar was running the piece and it was great to welcome him back. David and I have filmed numerous pieces together and he was keen to film this story!

The broadcast went out LIVE on the evening show and not only showed my Bird Snack bar, but also my Mammal Christmas room that has gone onto our live cameras this week. This set-up is also part of the collaboration I have with CJWildlife and I am sure it is going to be as popular as the snack bar!

The Mammal Box is designed to house an HD IP camera as well as lights which are on 24-7. The small mammals enter via tiny entrance holes on either side. I designed the box so it had a removable ‘set’. I can dress these sets in different ways. This Christmas sitting room is redecorated each year and new items bought for it as the little visitors tend to wreck the joint! The food is dispensed from the base of the fireplace as the whole chimney breast acts like a seed hopper!

The visitors do not mind what I put in there as long as there is some food! They very quickly started visiting and exploring!

Keep an eye out on the live cameras… there are wood mice and bank voles visiting at the moment… will we get any more visitors?

I also did a live interview this morning on Radio WM’s Breakfast Show. You can hear it by clicking on the link below.

I can’t quite believe all the interest these cameras have generated!


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