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Making Bird Feeder Garlands

With my nephews, Rory (aged 5) & James (aged 3)and niece Emma (aged 1 ) visiting today, I thought I had better get some stuff organised to keep them occupied. This is an excellent time of the year to make bird feeder garlands and kids of all ages LOVE doing this! I have done this with whole classes of kids from year 1 – 6 and not only do the kids enjoy it, but so do the birds! All you need is some string, darning needle, large raising, diced apple, stale bread cubes, cheerios and then any other things you can think of that birds will eat and are ‘threadable’… I had added diced cheese, monkey nuts etc. I cut everything up and showed the boys what to do… was not long before they were happily threading….

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I must admit, they couldn’t resist munching away on the raisins and cheerios! They took their ones home to hang up in their garden and we hung one up by my bird feeders as well. Have you got kids at home this holiday…. try it and if you do, then send me the photos!


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