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Make your own totem pole…. for the birds!

I was all fired up this morning when I returned from photographing the kingfishers. Having taken down a tree house (that will be recycled into a bird hide at some point) I was left with two old tree posts… seemed too good to waste and I have been wanting to create some kind of natural looking feeding post for nuthatches and woodpeckers, that would be good for photographing them. I decided to try and make something out of one of the posts, a square base I had rescued from the school tip, and a bit of imagination!!

I screwed the base up into the bottom of the post and then drilled several peanut sized holes into the sides. There were a couple of natural crevices in the bark and these proved perfect for smearing in some peanut butter!

All loaded up with peanuts and peanut butter and some moss on the top, with some seeds, it was all ready to go!

 A slight lean on it….. but sure the birds won’t mind. I wonder how long it will be before something finds the hidden treats…. could be good for photography if the nuthatch poses on it!


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