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Latest Bushnell update

I nipped up, between showers, and collected the Bushnells today. The one I had set on the barn owl box had not captured anything, but it was set a bit low and quite far away. I need to think of another way of monitoring this box. To get a camera in it would be quite difficult. I wish I had done it BEFORE I put it up! Never mind.

The HD Bushnell had fared a little better. No daylight footage, which I had hoped for, but a couple of clips of badgers! I have not captured badgers at this site before, but I was pretty certain they were there. There was a trail of ‘snuffle’ nose marks in the soft soil and the video clip showed him moving a long doing just that…. moving a long, ‘ploughing’ his nose through the soft soil in search of food. I can see why people don’t like badgers on their lawns!

 The video quality was not too good though as it was absolutely pouring with rain and there was a lot of water on the lens. I will set it up in that location again, maybe later in the week and try to capture them again.


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