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Late Christmas pressie arrives!

My sister-in-law, Mary, kindly let me choose some more products from Riverside Woodcraft for my Christmas present and I picked them up today! One was a wall mounted bird table and the other was a robin nest box, which I will write about tomorrow, when I put it up.  The wall mounted bird table is a great, study table which I have put up on the fence by my patio.  I wanted to provide a feeding platform to some of the birds that prefer to eat from a table rather than the feeders. The area is quite enclosed, so many species are not very comfortable feeding from the floor. The robin showed interest quite quickly, as I had put some meal worms in there! 

To make alighting on the table easier, I screwed a natural perch on the outside. I may try a camera in this box too at some point, if I can find a spare one!

 I am sure I will have years of pleasure from this table… it looks great too!


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