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Home Grown seed mixes & feeder with 100 yr guarantee now on trial!

When a feeder advertises itself by stating it will ‘never rust, peel or be destroyed by squirrels – ever’, it is bound to catch my attention! When The Really Wild Bird Food Co offered to send me one to trial with a range of their seed mixes, I was keen to take a closer look.

The Really Wild Bird Food Company have a simple philosophy; They are very focused on growing and producing high quality products for garden birds, offering  customers really good service (with a personal touch), and keeping the business running smoothly.

“Our decision making is quick. If things don’t go to plan – we can fix them immediately, with no fuss. If you call us, you will know exactly who you will be speaking to, and you can be totally confident that we will always try to do our best for you and your birds We are farmers who are dedicated to producing cereal grains and oil seeds of the highest quality and cleanliness, which we offer to our customers either as straight seeds, or as nutritious home-produced seed mixes. We have specialised in growing bird seed crops for over 20 years now; 20 years of continuous development helped (of course!) by input from our customers. We can control the whole production process from drilling the seed to final mixing and cleaning – keeping a close eye on all aspects of production to ensure that our customers receive the very best, locally grown bird seed – from the very best producers. We currently grow sunflowers, white millet, red millet, plain canary seed, naked oats, oil seed rape and wheat for your garden birds. All zero air-mile products. The products which we are unable to grow on the farm (due to the unsuitable climate) are niger seed, peanuts, safflower and sunflower hearts. In line with our commitment to minimise our carbon footprint, we source these products from Europe where possible, however peanuts and niger seed (which need a really hot climate) have to come from farther afield.”

I received the 6 port version of this feeder. It is an impressive size, holding more than 2 litres of seed. The feeder is also available in a 2 and 4 port version.


I certainly will put this feeder through its paces on my feeding station! A full review can be seen on my Use & Review site, by clicking on the link below. I am pretty excited by this feeder… would could resist a 100 yr guarantee!!??

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 18.29.31

Here it is in action, this weekend in the rain……..

The company also sent me a selection of their seed mixes to trial. Wherever possible, I like to support British suppliers and these seed mixes have certainly been a hit in my garden! You can read about these and see my review by clicking the image below….

Screen Shot 2016-01-03 at 18.59.21

If you would like me to trial your product with my wildlife, drop me an email at


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