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First trials with the Tasco Trail cam

This weekend, I have had my first trial with the Tasco Trail cam (model 119215). This is  basic little trail cam with a 5mp photo option and a 15 second video option.  I have wanted to find a cheaper trail cam that might be suitable for a child… an introduction into the joys of trail cams, but at a more affordable entry level.  Obviously, the options and quality will improve with the more money you spend, but for youngsters wanting to get started, I am hoping that this little trail cam might be a good option.

Initially, I took a couple of stills with this cam, experimenting with how close you could get with it. As with the Bushnells, the minimum focus is about 3m. I set it up on my bird table and the footage in the video below shows an image of the trail cam,  a still taken with it and then a video clip.

I will be doing a more detailed review on my website, but from my initial daylight trials, I am impressed with what you can achieve for the money. I set it up on my foxes last night and it captured some good footage there too. I need to play around with it, as I had set it quite close to the ground and the IR was stronger than I had anticipated, so there was some burn out, but a useable image was captured. I have not tested how quick it is to react yet, but from this and my fox footage, it is certainly triggering on target.

See what you think.  I think it is a perfect pressie for a young wildlife enthusiast!


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