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Bushnell close-ups on the hub feeders

This weekend, despite to poor light conditions, I set the Bushnell HD up on the sunflower heart feeder with my close-up kit. I wanted to see if I could capture some really close footage of them feeding, so I put the 4x lens on. The problem with this is that there is only a small frame for which the bird needs to enter in order to see it. The bullfinches often feed toward the front of the feeder, so I set the Bushnell facing here.


I left it for  few hours and, watching my live cams, I could see I had had a variety of visitors and was pleased when I uploaded the footage. Being able to film so close, you can see what messy eaters the bullfinches are, as they  move their beaks in a scissor-like action to remove the thin ‘skin’ on the seeds… you can see this clearly in the clip.

I will be processing some more clips over the coming days so watch out for them:


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