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Blackcap Visitor

I was delighted this weekend to see the male blackcap back in the garden. I had seen the female some weeks ago, but over the weekend the male started coming on the sunflower heart feeder and on the fat bar. I managed to photograph him quickly, through the kitchen window at the weekend ….

As he was visiting the  sunflower heart  feeder, I moved the camera to try to capture him on my live cameras…. and here he is…

and then he visited the log feeder!….

I was also lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the sparrowhawk as she sent all my birds scattering! She landed high in the oak tree and was rather silhouetted, hence this rather poor picture. A stunning hunter and always great to see!

My live stream cameras should all be working OK now after the problems I have been having over the last few weeks. The provider has had to change servers, so I have been put on a temporary one for the time being. There are plans to change the way in which the cameras are live streamed very soon. This new method will further improve the quality of my live streams.

Lots of work was carried out on my nest boxes over the weekend too and I will be bringing some details about them over the coming weeks.


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