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Autumnal tidy up….

The garden is in that period where it is starting to look rather messy… but I don’t like to do too much tidying up as it is important to leave seed heads intact both the wildlife and for re-seeding. I did do some trimming and the epic daily sweeping tasks begin as my oaks start to drop leaves and acorns.

It is good to see how much my patio wild garden has progressed and matured from Spring when I first redesigned and planted it up. When I did this part of the garden, I built a mini wildlife watering hole, using recycled tyres. You can read more about it HERE. In April, it looked like this:


This weekend, it looked like this…


These little pools have proven very popular with all sorts of wildlife from bees and wasps drinking, to birds and mammals. Today, for the first time, I found frogs in two of the pools…


There are some interesting mixtures of plants flowering at the moment…. from fungi to foxgloves to Verbena and snowberry flowering!



A bit of a sweep up and a trim and this area was looking better. The wildlife turf has done well  and I think it will be super next season!



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