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Another new camera angle….

I have been playing around with a couple of camera angles today, but decided to settle for one on a nut kebab, mounted on a log. I have made these lots of times before and they are really popular with lots of different birds… and mice too! The good thing about feeders like this is that the birds tend to have to stay in place in order to eat what is on offer and this obviously makes for good  views on my live cameras.

It did not take me long to make these… very simple… all you need is a drill with a small drill bit, a log, some skewers and some nuts. I bought mine when they reduced all the Christmas lines in my local supermarket… I buy several packs to last me!

As I mounted it all up onto the trellis, I must admit that I thought about how long it would take the squirrel to discover it. I came back inside to check the camera angle and in that 30 seconds, the squirrel was already checking it out. I quickly plugged my laptop into the camera feed so I could record what happened. I was glad I did as within 30 seconds, he had destroyed the lot… chewing through the skewers and pinching the lot! He couldn’t believe his luck!

I really liked the camera angle, so took the log down and returned to my greenhouse, where I store all my wildlife paraphernalia! A few months ago, I had bought a squirrel cage in a pet shop. It was in a ‘bargain bin’ and had been reduced because some of the clips for it were missing… nothing a cable tie couldn’t sort! I decided to mount everything into this cage.

With everything back in place and some bark placed on the base, so I can put other food in there as well, I returned inside to check the camera angle. I have not got any caged feeders out, so wondered if the birds might be put off by it. How wrong could I be??!! Within a minute a blue tit, great tit and robin came in. My birds are so used to be adding, changing and building new feeders that they are trained to accept whatever weird and wonderful thing I come up with!

I have decided to make some little video clips of my KreATivE projects this year and this is the first of many I hope.

Let me know what you think. …..


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