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A Busy Start to the New Year

I have started 2012 as I mean to carry it on… busy with wildlife projects in my patch! The weather has been rather changeable, but I have been determined to get outside and at least start some of the many projects that I have planned for 2012. I want to keep my live stream cameras exciting and varied, offering a wide a range of wildlife viewing as I can. At present my followers can watch a wide variety of bird feeders, attracting all sorts of visitors. From the common birds to the more unusual woodpeckers and nuthatches, I hope to continue to attract the widest variety possible to the garden. I am also a showing variety of mammal cams; from my popular Clay Cavern, to homemade squirrel ‘Nut House’ to my fox feeding station. I am also always designing and building new feeding stations and my sieve ones have proven very popular.  I have changed the view on the sieves feeder slightly today, as the sun was shining straight into the camera. I have turned the cam around and mounted it in the centre of the three sieves. This gives a much better view of the many species that are already taking advantage of the food on offer.

I have also moved a nest box today. This box was up on a neighbour’s barn, but there was no interest last season, so I decided to bring it back to my patch and mount it in an old pear tree right at the end of my garden. It is designed for jackdaws and stock doves.. so we will see if anything takes to it. I have a camera in it and the cable running down the tree. If I have any interest, I will buy an extension wire and run it back to the house so I can live stream.

I set up my adapted Bushnell again as well. I have it facing a log that is on top of my hedgecam feeder set up. I place food inside the log and have quite a few visitors coming to it. I have tried this set up a few times before, but if it is windy, the whole thing roacks and that triggers the cam. This morning it was beautiful light and the sky was clear so I set everything up. As the day progressed, it got windier, but I did manage a few clips of a rather windswept blue tit. The colour saturation and quality on this HD trail cam is brill though!

Finally, I have working on one of the most exciting potential projects so far… one which is moving at a great pace and should peak at Gardener’s World Live! I don’t want to say much more about it yet as it is in the early stages, but it will be a project that will be great to share with you in the future. I have very high hopes for 2012 and I aim to provide interesting, exciting and inspiring content on my website that will make you keep returning to my website . I also hope to inspire all those who follow my work to get out in their patch and do something for wildlife. Some of my aims for this coming year are summarised on my website HERE. Let’s hope at the end of 2012, I can go and tick them all off!


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