#30DaysWild – Day 9 My Jackdaws Fledge …

Many of you have been watching the story of my jackdaws unfold as this camera has been on the front page of my website for the last month or so. This pair laid 5 stunning blue eggs back in April…

Jackdaw egg 16th April_00000
Jackdaw egg 16th April2 avi_00000
Jackdaws SS 27th April_00003

The eggs started hatching in early May and we soon had 5 tiny, jelly-bean babies in the box!

Jackdaw opening egg 5th May2_00000
Jackdaw Chick 2 _ May 5th_00004
Jackdaw 4 chicks 5th May_00001
Jackdaw feeding 4 chicks 5th May_00000
Jackdaw Chick 2 _ May 5th_00002

Only two chicks survived, but these two have thrived! These chicks have grown amazingly fast and have been doing a huge amount of wing stretching over the last week or so and they were often peeping out of the entrance, contemplating the big wide world!

Jackdaws wing stretching 9th June_00002
Jackdaws wing stretching 8th June_00001
Jackdaws wing stretching 9th June_00000
Jackdaws wing stretching 8th June_00001

Today, they finally took the plunge and left the box.

It has been a privilege to follow this family and I will be watching out for them in the garden and on the feeders.

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