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Wren Beach Photoshoot

We are currently staying with a friend who owns Dolphin View Cottages, Hillockhead, on the Black Isle. It is a stunning location, high on the hillside, with a panoramic view of the Moray Firth. Wren and I have been out on lots of walks in the surrounding area, one of which is a walk down a steep path to the beach below the property. It is beautiful and I rarely see anyone down there. Wren loves it and, as part of a longer 4 hr walk, all the way to Rosemarkie, then back up to Hillockhead, I started taking photos of her on the beach and in and out of the sea. It's a great way to experiment and practise with my camera and settings. She is an excellent subject to photograph!

Every time she came out of the sea, she shook so I took the opportunity to experiment a bit, to try to capture the amazing movements involved in this effective way of removing water from her coat....

She absolutely loves it at the beach... I'm hoping eventually to move closer to the sea. At present, we could hardly live further from the coast!


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