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WildlifeKate & WildlifeJack!

Some months ago now, you may remember my blog post about Ed Kellie coming to visit. Ed introduced a fantastic crowd-funding project last year to create a series of wildlife-related programmes for the under 5s. I loved what he was doing, supported his crowd funding and offered to help!

Take a look at the project at

Ed came here with Joan from West Midlands Hedgehog Rescue and we filmed Joan’s tame hedgehog for the series. Ed also looked through some of my footage, particularly my Bushnell footage as he needed lots of clips… and I have quite a few!

The series production is progressing really well and the ‘rough’ of the second episode can now be seen.  My Bushnell footage is featured with the fox cubs and Jack following the fox… and the badger! The beautiful vixen who tells Jack she hunts on her own, is one of my vixens photographed from my bedroom window. The final clip of the vixen with cubs is also filmed from my house a few years ago.

Look out for lovely Cellie, Joans’ hedgehog too! You will need to click on the video below to watch it on Ed’s website, due to privacy settings.

It is great to be able to help with a project such as this and can’t wait to see the finished series. Well done to Ed and the team!


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