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What is in WildlifeKate’s handbag?

Ever wondered what is in my ‘handbag’…. this is the kit I carry around when off on a jaunt to Badger Bank on Sunday…. will collect the Bushnells tomorrow and see what footage I have managed to capture.

I set them up in three locations…..

1. The standard Bushnell XLT set up on a log where there had been some activity….

2. Set my new Bushnell XLT (119436) with audio facing a well worn path….

3. I set the Bushnell HD up close to the sett and path entrance…….

I now have one of the Bushnell tree brackets and it is brill!!! Easy to screw into the tree and then a little ball and socket joint that lets you get the Bushnell in the position you require….

I lock my trophy cams to the tree using a Kensington laptop lock. The cable fits through the brackets on the back of the trophy cam.

I have left these for three nights… so hopefully I will capture some good footage when I retrieve them tomorrow.

N.B: I have been informed that an advert that looks like a video appears below this post. It is NOT one of my videos but an advert. Do NOT follow the link as it seems to be malicious.


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