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Yew View Badger Sett Action

We have been a while without any badgers in the Yew View artificial sett that I built a couple of years ago. It has two chambers and has been used by a number of different badgers.

A few weeks ago a familiar female moved in again. I recognise her because she has half an ear. Last year we saw she had a leg injury as well, so we call her 'Peggy'. Despite not using this leg much when walking, I have seen her scratching herself with it. I would imagine it was a car accident.

Badgers often have, what is known as a 'Satellite' sett. This is is smaller sett and there is little research and information on how these are used. The individuals that have used mine sometimes seem ill, injured or in the case of this female, she brought two grown up cubs last year. Usually only the dominant sow breeds in a sett, so she may have had these cubs elsewhere, away from the main sett.

We tend to only have a few individuals at a time. These can sometimes seem to be youngsters, who are exploring and striking out on their own. It is all fascinating stuff and a privilege to be able to observe them underground. Remember... these are WILD badgers and have chose to come here. They have not been introduced to this area.

Peggy has been sleeping here during the day. she seems to be using one chamber for sleeping the the second as a toilet! Several times a day, she moves from one to the other when she need a comfort break!

Being able to watch them sleeping, badgers are very like dogs! Her movements and sleeping positions are very similar to my dog.....

Here are a selection of clips I have lifted over the last few weeks...

This clip is from a camera outside this sett. You can see her injured leg here.....

We also have a feeding station nearby, where peanuts are put out each night. This is a different individual, a male who also visits.

This is a second badger visiting the sett. After he had been inside, Peggy did not reappear for a few days....

It will be interesting to see how long Peggy hangs around or whether we get any other individuals visiting over the winter.


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