Totem pole….. further development

The totem pole feeder I started last weekend has been attracting nuthatches…and squirrels!  I hadn’t quite finished it last week, as I had the beginnings of an idea in my head… to create a platform that I could build photographic ‘landscapes’ on which to photograph the birds…. something which I could regularly change. I had the idea that I could use this platform to put different kinds of materials and then encourage the birds down to feed on food that I would hide.

First, I sawed about a foot off of the stump, to bring it down to a more suitable height for photographing. I then created a square platform of about 30cm x 30cm. I screwed this onto the top of the stump.

I then put a layer of soil over the top of the platform as my first ‘landscape’  was going to partly be made up of moss. I also attached a large dead hogweed head that I saw on a dog walk… thought it would make an attractive perch. I fixed it by using a pipe clip as I though I could then remove it and attach other perches.