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The Easter Mammal Box Sweet Shop goes live, for Bank Holiday Weekend!

My mammal box remains one of my most favourite camera set-ups. It is working well this year, as I am getting lots of wood mice and voles visiting. I designed and made this box with friend, Dave Harper (a better carpenter than me!) some years ago. What has made it work so well, is the fact it has removable 'set' inside that allow me to change the scene.

Generally, I have a pretty natural looking backdrop, but every now and then I use dolls' house furniture to create novel scenes. This sweet shop set was created after I was kindly gifted all the wonderful tiny sweets and jars. I built this set, with a little counter in which the food is served.

To allow you to see how this all fits together, I created this little video this morning...

The mice and voles do not mind what I I have in the box, as long as there is food in there. As soon as the light started to drop, they were in there investigating!

This set-up will remain on my live camera until the end of Easter Monday. You can watch it live HERE.

Here are a couple of clips from tonight, as a flavour of what is to come..

Enjoy! We all need something to make us smile this Easter :)


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