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Tawny Appearance at Silver Trees

Whenever I have time, I love heading up to Silver Trees caravan Park, a private site, on the edge of Cannock Chase. This very special place is heaving with wildlife and Rob Winstanley, who has a caravan there, works tirelessly to constantly monitor the life there and improve the site for wildlife. When Rob rang me to say he was pretty sure the tawnies were using a box on the site, I nipped down to set up a Bushnell trail cam on a tree opposite.

This morning, I nipped back to check the card with Rob. We were delighted to have over a hundred clips… mostly at night, showing adults returning to the box. What was an added bonus, were the daytime clips! Not only did we capture the adult visiting, but also at least one owlet!

Tawny owlet 031_00000

This video montage shows the best daytime clips…. Make sure you select to watch them in HD!

The card had filled, so we are hoping the owlet(s) have not branched yet. We don;t think they have as there was no evidence of them and the female was rooting nearby. Rob reckons this  box has been used three years running and we certainly saw a number of owlets in the area last year, just a few weeks later in May.

I have set the Bushnell up again, so I will look forward to seeing what we capture over the next week.



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