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Super Siskins!

Up until a couple of weeks ago, I had not seen siskins in the garden for over ten years…. surprising, considering where I live, on the edge of open farmland and fields. A few weeks ago, I had a brief glimpse of a siskin on one of my live cameras. This week, I had a pair visiting for a few days. They were very nervous and spent a little while feeding on sunflower hearts on a tray feeder on my patio feeders. I crept up to my conservatory, from which I could see this beautiful pair… and took a few photos… through rather dirty windows!!

Siskin2 copy

siskinpair copy

I tried to get some through an open window or from outside, but they were far too wary, so it was going to have to be the Bushnell! I am lucky enough to be trialling the new Bushnell HD Max at the moment. This is not yet released but it is hoped it will reach the UK later this year. This new trail cam comes with lenses that allow you to change the focal length of the unit, meaning you can focus much closer to your subjects.  It is full HD at 1080P and I will be doing a full review on it in the next month or so when I have put it through its paces! I just had to share one of the clips I captured though, as I was absolutely delighted….. I’m sure you will agree, that to be able to capture this quality of video from a remote camera is brilliant!

Make sure you watch it in full HD!

I hope these stunning little birds become regulars in my patch!


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