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Sunny Scottish Red Squirrels…

Again, Tim and I have been really lucky with the weather! Although it started off pretty cold and grey, the clouds parted and we were treated to more sunshine! Today, we spent time in two sites run by Black Isle Photography Hides. We started at the Red Squirrel Hide.

The morning was pretty dull at this point and the light levels were low… not good for photography, but the squirrels decided to stay away until the sun came out… at which point it was actually a little too bright and the angle they came in at was not ideal for the ‘perfect’ red squirrel shot. When the light is like this, you get heavy shadows and the white on their chest can ‘burn out’ in the right light. Even so, this individual was a little beauty, with gorgeous ear tufts; characteristic of these beautiful squirrels! They looked like they had been crimped! It did some typical squirrel posing and, I must admit, those ear tufts and whiskers were truly stunning!

They are real little animated characters and just wonderful to watch and photograph.. …..


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