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Squirrel Studio Action

My Squirrel Studio Box was purpose-built after I came across a couple in America who had got some lovely footage of a squirrel raising her family in their box. A friend made the box for me.

Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 21.43.47

Screen Shot 2014-01-04 at 21.47.10

It has been up a couple of years now and I have had stock doves and jackdaws in there. After the stock dove’s last brood, I cleared out the box and was delighted to have some squirrels start visiting.

Before long, they started to bring some leaves in and, on occasions, they stayed the night! It appears there is a female and two young. I presume these are the young from the last litter, They are slightly smaller than the female and highly mischievous and playful! I have captured some lovely footage of them playing in the box, tumbling around and grabbing each other!

The camera is mounted in the top of the box and is a high resolution nest box camera. These cameras have both video and audio. Due to the fact I am running the cameras through a video server to monitor and live stream, setting up the audio has been a bit more complicated than just plugging it into your TV, but last week (with some help!) I got the sound working and, boy, does it make a difference to the recordings!

You can find out more about Squirrel Studio on my website HERE and you can see the playlist of videos from this box HERE.

Here are a couple of my favourite clips from last week!

 I just hope this female decides to raise her next family here!


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