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How does a squirrel open a walnut?

The squirrel has spent a bit of time in the Yew View tawny box this week, which has given me an idea of what my footage might be like during the daytime. I am really pleased with this camera and keep imagining the tawny and owlets I might get in the new year.

The squirrels are not showing signs of nesting… just a place to sleep on a cold winter’s day and this individual left at dusk before the tawnies returned.

What was really interesting was this footage of the squirrel opening a walnut. Anyone who has tried to open  a walnut with nut crackers will know how hard they are! This individual seems to turn the walnut around and around, biting along the seam, weakening it until it could get its teeth and claws inside this seam to break it open… fascinating!


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